Brian Flores: The Tua Story That Went Viral; How he could still end up with Deshaun Watson

Head coach Brian Flores’ relationship with quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has been a hot topic of conversation since Flores was fired as head coach of the Miami Dolphins, and it hit another level on Thursday. – if only for a short while.

But while the former NFL general manager – and a colleague of Flores in New England – backtracked on his exact comments on his GM Shuffle podcast, it remains true that Flores wasn’t necessarily a big Tua supporter.

When addressing the various head coaching openings around the NFL on his podcast, Lombardi spoke about owner Stephen Ross’ search for a replacement for Flores and the possibility that Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll will take the job when he dropped that bomb.

“The Miami question for me is, I think they’re going to find out if people are honest in the interview – a lot of people are never honest in the interview; they tell the owners what they want to hear. “, began Lombardi. . “They tell GMs what they want to hear. But if you’re really honest, are you going to sit there and say, ‘I can build a team around Tua’? Because that’s what Ross wants to hear. .

“That’s what Brian Flores wouldn’t say. We’ve seen all the conversations Flores had with Tua where Flores said to Tua at halftime of the Tennessee game – it’s all been reported – I don’t think Flores hesitated to tell him, ‘Hey, I should have chosen Mac Jones.’ I don’t think he hesitated to tell her, in fact, I know he wasn’t.

“I remember I said there had been comments between the head coach and Tua during the season and I wouldn’t reveal what the conversation was. Well, the conversation was, ‘Hey, if I had (knew) you were going to be this bad, I would have chosen Mac Jones.

“So the next guy that comes in, if Flores felt like that, how is the next guy going to come in and fix it? You say right, they’re going to run an offense that suits what Tua is doing. They’re running a offense that suits what Tua is doing. It’s the only offense you CAN run. It’s the only offense you CAN run. You need to run an RPO where he can throw small passes and chase after the catch. So, if (Brian) Daboll has other options, I think he would stay away from Miami, just because he knows the pitfalls that (Flores) has been through.”

Lombardi then took to Twitter to clarify his statements.

The bottom line is that Flores didn’t necessarily believe in Tua, despite it being suggested that he was a big fan of Deshaun Watson.

Which brings us to the other interesting development regarding Flores, the firing of David Culley after a year as head coach of the Houston Texans.

Why do we mention it?

Well, the Texans’ general manager just happens to be Nick Caserio, who was director of player personnel at New England from 2008 to 2020.

So, putting two and two together, it’s pretty easy to put Flores at the top of the candidate list to become the Texans’ new head coach.

And that brings us to Deshaun Watson and all those reports that one of the main factors that caused him to waive his no-trade clause last year just for the Dolphins was his desire to play for Brian Flores. , well, you can see where we’re going with that.

It’s only been well established that Watson has great contempt for Texans owner Cal McNair, but could his fondness for Flores prompt him to reconsider his trade request – once his legal troubles are obviously sorted out?

If he doesn’t end up with Houston, Flores already has an interview scheduled with the Chicago Bears and his hometown New York Giants have also been mentioned as a possibility for him.

Stay tuned.

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