Ben Affleck quoted line from movie Flop at wedding to Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s private wedding ceremony has remained mostly shrouded in secrecy since it took place in July, but as few details emerged, a revelation from Lopez said Affleck used a line of one of her less well-received films at their wedding. . Of the many movies Affleck has starred in and directed, the line that was used comes from Live the nightwhich was not a commercial success and did not sit well with critics, but, according to the singer and actress, contained one of her favorite lines that was just perfect for the time being.

Live the night was based on Dennis Lehane’s novel and released in 2016, but despite a solid cast, including Zoe Saldana, Elle Fanning, Brendan Gleeson and Affleck himself, the film failed to strike a chord with critics or the public and languished with a 34% rotten tomatoes score and grossing only $22.7 million, less than a third of its advertised budget. However, there was clearly something about the film that was worth watching, as in his newsletter, Lopez revealed that Affleck quoted the line, “This is heaven. Here. We’re here now,” a la day before their wedding. The singer commented that the line is “one of my favorite lines that Ben wrote from a movie he made. He also said the night of our wedding reception in his speech, and I thought…how perfect.


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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez took 20 years to become a married couple

While there are plenty of ups and downs to be seen in Hollywood, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s story is one that seems to have finally unfolded with an almost fairytale twist. The couple originally met on the set of Gigli in 2001 and dated for two years before going their separate ways.

Meanwhile, Affleck married Jennifer Garner in 2005, and although the couple separated in 2015, their divorce became final in 2018, Affleck described the divorce as “the biggest regret of my life” in 2020. Twenty years after they first met, Affleck and Lopez reconnected in 2021, and after announcing their engagement in April of this year, the couple tied the knot in a ceremony in Las Vegas in July.

Ben Affleck is currently gearing up to make what may or may not be his final appearances as Batman in a number of upcoming DCEU films. Having already been revealed to be part of the flasha role that is rumored to see his version of Batman killed off and replaced by Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight, recently Jason Momoa seemed to let the cat out of the bag which Affleck will also be making an appearance in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. With Warner Bros. With Discovery having mostly torn up the DCEU rulebook with a flurry of changes and rollbacks, it’s unclear how much it still holds up, but the many fans of Affleck’s iteration of Gotham’s protector have a lot to look forward to. ‘next year .

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