All Arthetine Hidden Story Locations in Lost Ark

Some players just want to rush to endgame content from lost ark. Those lacking a lot of rich content which can also really help your character progress. Hidden stories are a fantastic addition to the lore of every continent. They also give you credit in your Adventurer’s Tome, which brings its own rewards.

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The continent of Arthetine has the usual seven hidden stories. The capital, Stern, has both a three-part and four-part story, while several of the outlying areas have single-part stories for which you only need to find the location. Only one story offers a real challenge, its third part being at the end of the Verdantier dungeon with a rather tough time limit. But where would the fun be if it wasn’t a challenge?


The Answer to Agony – Stern’s Hidden History location

This is a four-part story that, once started, is on a timer. If you can’t find and read the next part within the time limit, you’ll have to start all over again. However, all four parts of the story can be found in the Origins of Stern area and you have a generous 20 minutes to find them.

Each part of the story is activated by clicking on a computer screen panel. The first is just to the right of the entrance to the Stern Times Officewhich is the building located just west of the Business District Triport in Origins of Stern.

Once you get started, head to the market area. Go down the stairs southeast of the triport and you will see Halmond Gold Shop NPC. Just to its right is a bank of computer screens – and part two of The Answer to the Agony.

Now head to the Industrial District. From the triport, head northeast towards the Hall of Transcendence, but turn right just before you get there and follow the path southeast. You will see Abyss Trade NPC Kashu on your left, standing near covered grandstands. Just beyond these stands are other computer terminals – which will give you the third part of the story.

Finally, get off on the Stern Subway via Stern Subway Gate #2, which is just along the way south and then southeast of the third part of the story. Once down, follow the path southwest past the Proving Grounds entrance sign, then south at the next intersection. The last terminal you need to access is at the junction where a long path begins to lead northeast. Click on it to conclude the hidden story of the agony answer.

End of His Obsession – Two Part Hidden Story Location

It is a story in two parts. The first is easy to pick up in Nebelhorn, but the second requires you to enter the Verdantier dungeon in Riza Falls (on either difficulty). You only have 15 minutes to find the second clue after triggering the first, so you’ll need to have already activated the Iron Gate entrance triport in Riza Falls – and already be familiar with the dungeon itself. It’s a hard time limit, so grab some friends or be reasonably overpowered before trying it.

To start, head northwest from the Nebelhorn Lab Triport. Follow the path that goes north, towards the elevator that leads to the Oasis Triport. Continue northeast as far as you can go, ignoring the left turn to the elevator. Turn left at the end and enter the corner just after the stairs going down on your left. There are three cylinders in oblong metal frames, and right in front of them, a bag. Examine the bag to read the first part.

Immediately carry the portal to the Iron Gate entrance triport in Riza Falls and head north into the Verdantier Keep. Work as fast as you can, until you only have the last few steps to the final circular platform. Don’t go up and trigger the final boss battle. Instead, investigate just to the left of the steps. Here you will find the end of the story.

Arthetine’s Greatest Evolution Form – Stern Hidden Story Location

All three parts of this story can be found inside the Hall of Transcendence, which you can enter just northeast of the Industrial District Triport in the Origins of Stern area. You have a generous 10 minutes to find each new section, but remember that if you run out of time on a section, you’ll have to start over from the beginning.

Once inside, go up the stairs to the left and take the first left at the top. Walk to the end of this southwest-facing hallway into the back room. At the bottom of the desk are four high shelves. Investigate those on the right to begin the hidden story of The Greatest Evolution Form.

Exit this office and go back to the crossroads, and go straight, southeast, into the office opposite. There are six tables close together in the center of the room. Walk forward to the middle of the two desks in front of you upon entering, and investigate the desk to find the second part of the story.

For the final part, return to the crossroads and head deeper into the hallways to the northeast. Take the right turn, go through the next room and down the stairs into a circular lab. The moment you enter you will pass a shiny blue cylinder on either side of the door. Click on it to conclude the story.

RGM Reports – Scraplands Hidden Story Location

Start at the Soldier Ant Nest Entrance Triport in Scraplands. There are two exits that lead southeast from this area. Take the southern one, which leads to a smaller area – not the one that goes to Signatus spawn. When you enter the small area through a narrow path, stick to the northern edge and head southeast. At the edge of the cliff you will see a piece of paper on the ground. Examine it to read the RGM reports.

A Stubborn Writer – Arid Path Hidden Story Location

Head west from the Lupen Port Triport in Arid Path, up the short set of stairs. Walk southwest past the two entrances to the train platform and down the next path northwest, just before the Lanchenberg shipbuilder. Go all the way to the end of this dead end alley, past Crosby and the Black Marketeer, and around the corner where you will see some crates. On the floor, you can investigate discarded papers, which turn out to be the incredibly bad romance you’ve been looking for.

To Be A Human – Nebelhorn Hidden Story Location

Portal to the Nebelhorn Lab Triport at Nebelhorn. Walk a little northwest and go up the stairs on your right, just before you get to the laboratory director Yulia. Turn right at the top of the stairs and past the Communicator on the corner. You will see papers on the floor in front of covered machines. Read them to discover the hidden story, To Be A Human.

Welcome to Arthetine – Totrich Hidden Story Location

Travel to Totrich Mechanical Plaza, either via the triport or from the Windbringer Hills portal. Enter the Thirsty Sprocket Tavern, which is on the northwest corner of the plaza. Once inside, go right and up the steps past Techel, then right again around the corner. You will see a note on the floor in front of some boxes and barrels – and your Welcome to Arthetine is written on it.

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