8 Worthy Shows That Count As Great Edutainment Entertainment

Watching TV counts as lifelong learning, right? Well, these shows suggest that some content box be used to improve your knowledge. In the age of the Internet, more and more of us are turning to digital sources for education. Sure, you could take an online class, but wouldn’t it be more satisfying to binge on a show?

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Whether you’re looking to learn something or need some smart coverage to watch one more season of that show you love, we’ve got you covered. After all, anything can be a life lesson if you look at it the right way.

“The Right Place”

The right place (broadcast on netflix) is a fantasy comedy series that explores the afterlife through the eyes of Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell). Recently deceased, the superficial and egocentric woman is surprised to find herself in the utopian “Good Place”. Attempting to hide her dishonest ways to avoid being ousted, Eleanor leans on fellow countryman Chidi (William Jackson Harper) for morality courses.

A common thread throughout the four seasons is lessons in ethics and philosophy. Explore concepts like morality and conscience, The right place makes you question reality while keeping you on the edge of your seat – plus, it’s more fun than the average philosophy class.


‘Too hot to handle’

Too hot to handle (Available on netflix) is a reality TV show where sex-crazed bachelors are brought to an island for what they think will be a summer of fun. All hopes of a connection are dashed when the contestants discover that they are in fact participating in a forced abstinence contest.

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The competitors’ willpower is tested by the all-seeing AI Lana, who deducts valuable cash prizes. to “break the rules” while rewarding meaningful relationships. With expert-led workshops focusing on confidence building, non-verbal communication, and more, personal development is almost inevitable. After all, if these hot, horny people can really resist the temptation and learn how to communicate with each other, anyone can.

‘Brene Brown: Atlas of the Heart’

Based on a book of the same name, Atlas of the heart (available on HBO Max) is a five-part docuseries about the human experience, created and hosted by a renowned researcher and storyteller Brene Brown. With a focus on vulnerability, courage, and “acceptance of sucking,” Brown weaves together easily digestible research into emotions with pop culture references and relatable humor.

atlas of the heart is a show designed for people who like to learn, reflect and increase their emotional repertoire. With concrete steps for emotional literacy, forming a meaningful bond, and optimizing life, this series is a true course in courage that anyone could use.

‘Big mouth’

Big mouth (streaming on Netflix) is an animated adult sitcom detailing the ups and downs of puberty. Although focused on a host of prepubescent characters, the show is equally appealing to adults, displaying the full and painfully relatable spectrum of the teenage experience.

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With limitless discussions on the human body and sexuality, homosexuality, sexual desire, hormonal fluctuations and personified body parts, Big mouth earned his rating of 17+ due to his vulgar nature. In other words, it’s the sex education you’ve always wanted but never had.

‘Tuca & Bertie’

Tuca and Bertie (season 1 available on netflix) is an adult animated comedy celebrated for covering women’s issues. Its refreshing perspective is accredited by its strong female presence, including screenwriter and producer. Lisa Hanawalt (designer and producer of BoJack Horseman), Tiffany Haddish (which voices Tuca), and Ali Wang (Berti).

This friendship-centric show follows laid-back party animal Tuca the toucan and responsible and anxious Bertie the song thrush as they navigate life in their thirties. This psychedelic wonderland of anthropomorphic birds features great examples of tough conversations, from the impact of family on mental health to trauma to sobriety while maintaining a playful and engaging air.

‘Sex education’

Sex education (Available on netflix) is a British comedy-drama that follows the sexual problems of high school students at Moordale Secondary School. Responding to Demand, Sixth Form (Eleventh Grade) Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield) opens a secret sex therapy clinic in the school bathroom alongside her friend Maeve Wiley (Emma Mackey).

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Help other students with their sexual problems with tact and precision, Sex education provides candid, non-judgmental sexual knowledge, covering topics ranging from virginity to STIs to pleasure. These lessons are a welcome addition to less than adequate high school curricula for so many.

‘Jane the Virgin’

Joan the Virgin (broadcast on netflix) is a rom-com drama inspired by the telenovela. The show focuses on Jane (Gina Rodrigueznext show star not dead yet), a woman in her 20s who has never had sex and becomes pregnant through accidental artificial insemination. Jane chooses to maintain the pregnancy, her decision supported by her caring mother and grandmother.

Joan the Virgin takes a serious look at its soap opera and its Christian roots without the slightest derision. A master class in acceptance, the show tactfully deals with topics related to religion and dating, grief, forgiveness and resilience, but still has fun with itself, frequently playing telenovela tropes .


Blackish (available on Disney+ and Hulu), created by Kenya Barris, is a sitcom about the Johnsons, an upper-middle-class black family. The Johnsons are a multigenerational family, including father Andre “Dre” (Anthony Anderson), mother Rainbow “Bow” (Tracee Ellis Ross), and a brood of children and grandparents.

Focusing on family life while tackling various social topics, this hilarious cast hyperbolically shows the ins and outs of family conflict. But where Blackish what really knocks it out of the park is balancing light-hearted comedy with well-articulated lessons about black history and issues, delivered in a simple, easy-to-remember way.

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