10 ways a comic book can be creepier than a movie


Horror as a genre has grown in leaps and bounds. Beginning in the books, horror has primarily become a visual medium for many fans these days, with horror movies being the way the vast majority of fans consume horror media. While horror novels are still big business, horror has become visual medium and comics have taken advantage of it. Marvel, DC, and the independent comics have all gotten into the horror genre and proven that the comics can do it better than anyone.

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Comics and horror go together really well, and horror comics can be scarier than any movie.

ten Horror comics can change the way horror icons are viewed

One of the biggest horror comics success stories is Marvel’s Tomb of Dracula. From the 70s, Tomb of Dracula was essentially a horror anthology based on the Marvel version of the vampiric icon, with many stories primarily featuring the monster. It was very different from horror movies, because movies usually don’t focus on bad guys as much.

Horror comics can give fans a taste of their favorite horror villains in a new way. Comics can focus on monsters in a way that movies can’t and won’t. Getting into the heads of monsters and seeing what feeds their inhuman desires makes them scarier.

9 Superheroes and horror always go hand in hand

Spider-Man Marvel Zombies

Marvel has done a lot of superhero-themed horror. Horror movies like to highlight the plight of the helpless against monsters, but the comics go another way. Having horror monsters fighting superheroes shows how scary they can be. Of course, the zombies of Night of the Living Dead scary but superheroes should be able to beat them, right?

Well, reading Marvel zombies proves that superheroes are just as susceptible to zombies as anyone else, which makes zombies even scarier. Combining horror and superheroes shows that the dangers of horror story can affect even the most powerful beings of all time.

8 Comics can feature many types of horror


Independent comics have become a force in the comic book industry and one of the places where they are strongest is horror comics. Independent horror books have done all kinds of amazing things with the genre; books like Hellboy blended centuries of horror legends with Lovecraft and history to make some truly scary stories. Something like Witches played with folklore and created a horror mythology that worked wonderfully.

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Independent horror books can do slasher horror like Hack / Slash, vampire horror like Redneck, and pretty much every horror genre under the sun, giving people fear that the movies don’t do it anymore.

7 Horror Can Happen Anywhere In The Comics

One of the strongest things about horror in comics is that it doesn’t always happen in horror comics. One of the great things about comics is that any book can use horror trapping to make a story even better. When fans are looking for horror, scares are expected. When they are afraid of nowhere, it is truly unique and effective.

Comic book writers are masters of using all manner of horrors in stories that are not inherently horror. Take Wolverine to Weapon X. The book played into the body horror of what happened to Wolverine and then showed just how scary he can be, mixing superheroes and horror in new and fascinating ways.

6 By making the monsters more human, it shows how scarier the remaining monsters are.

Swamp Thing Against a Werewolf

Alan Moore’s Swamp thing the comics are masterpieces of the horror genre. The book shows how human Swamp Thing is by stripping him of his humanity and showing that it was a choice he made. He chose to be Alec Holland and continues to choose to be human. This makes the monsters he fights even worse.

By showing that monsters can be human, Moore made other monsters even scarier because Swamp Thing showed that these monsters are only monsters because they want to be. This choice to be evil makes them so much more effective as monsters.

5 The comics do a better job of showing humans are the real monsters

The Sandman # 1 by Neil Gaiman

that of Neil Gaiman The sand man is an undisputed triumph for many reasons, but one of them is the way it approaches horror. The book focuses on beings who are gods, angels, dreams, nightmares, and things beyond these, but the most powerful sources of horror are humans. It’s the humans in the stories that do the most horrible things.

Even with something like the Corinthian, a nightmare that has inspired generations of serial killers, his crimes are pale compared to anything that was done by those humans who came after him; he was acting according to his nature but they chose to be killers. Comics often do something horror in other mediums doesn’t by showing humans are the real monsters.

4 Comics Can Present Horror In More Sophisticated Ways

Shadow the changing man

DC in the 1980s revitalized horror comics by going for what was called sophisticated suspense. British writers like Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Peter Milligan, Garth Ennis and many more have entered the American comic book industry and brought a new flavor to horror that few other mediums have. have brought. These writers brought a sophistication to horror that the movies lack.

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Horror movies can be very cliché and it kind of kills fears in a lot of ways. Comedic horror has proven that horror can be smart and scary in a way that many other horror mediums just aren’t anymore.

3 Creepy atmospheres are part of the DNA of comics

Almost from the start, horror has been a part of comics. Batman plays it perfectly; he’s a superhero who uses the attributes of fear against bad guys. In the 1950s, EC Comics was one of the best publishers, and while horror took a back seat in the 1960s, the 1970s and 1980s brought it back in fashion. In the ’90s, horror comics fueled DC’s Vertigo imprint with incredible books.

The last twenty years have proven just how horror is a part of comics too, with writers and artists using scary atmospheres of all kinds effectively to scare people in a variety of books.

2 The combination of prose and art brings effective fears

Horror novels and movies are good sources of horror, and each one causes horror in different ways. The films make full use of horror as a visual thing, using blood, jumping fears, and imagery to convey the fears. The novels are more psychological, using prose to create the horror the reader imagines. The comics combine these approaches and that makes them perfect for horror.

It not only allows readers to use their imaginations to fill in the blanks, but shows them horror, using page panels and all kinds of tricks that can only be done in comics to instill fear of the audience that novels and movies cannot on their own.

1 Varieties of art make all kinds of fears possible

Horror movies often do a great job with visuals, but photorealism isn’t always the best thing for horror. Too many horror movies are too realistic with things and there is no atmosphere. Comics are quite different artistically, as each designer, inker, and colorist brings something unique to a project that others don’t and it works great for horror.

Horror movie visuals can be boring because they are real. Comedic visuals can range from realistic to impressionist, bringing dimensions to the horror that more realistic horror movie visuals just can’t replicate without looking a little silly.

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