10 shows like the ultimatum: get married or move on

Netflix’s new reality show, The ultimatum: get married or move on, has taken America by storm. The series, which follows couples trying to see if they really want to get married by dating other people, is full of drama, excitement, romance and betrayal.

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All that said, with the finale finally out, fans will have to wait a long time before another season of this riveting reality series is released. In the meantime, there are plenty of other shows on Netflix that will perfectly fill the void left after the end of this first season.


Love Never Lies (2021) available on Netflix

Couples Love Never Lies Talk To Each Other

love never lies is a Spanish reality TV show where couples each take lie detector tests that solidify their feelings and relationships or put those couples on the rocks.

The show is so filled to the brim with secrets and uncovered truths that it’s impossible to stop watching. It is bound to please fans of The ultimatum because it pushes the couples already formed either to strengthen their commitments, or to decide to separate.

The Circle (2020 – ) Available on Netflix

The cast circle in a promotional image

The circle, who actually develops beautiful friendships, is defined as a kind of social experience. This gives a diverse group of people the opportunity to be the friendliest or the most original as they compete to win a cash prize and a better social media following than before.

This series follows people who are completely isolated from each other and the outside world as they do their best to spread an image that others will respond to best. It’s full of mind games, just like The ultimatumand couples and alliances form quite often in both shows.

Married at First Sight (2014 – ) Available on Netflix

Haley and Jake were married at first sight

Married at first sight is a show where couples who have never met before are matched based on their wants and needs in a partner and do not see or know anything about their spouse until they are married.

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This show is all about the idea of ​​love at first sight and it sometimes works really well for experienced couples. It’s similar to The ultimatum because it’s about taking that leap into marriage that a lot of people are hesitant to take.

Love On The Spectrum (2020 – ) Available on Netflix

The cast of Love on the Spectrum poses for a promotional photo

love on the spectrum follows people with autism as they attempt to pursue love. This show features people who are dating, people in long-term relationships, and unlike a lot of reality shows, there are actually quite a few love on the spectrum couples who are still together.

Overall, this show has a lot in common with The ultimatum because people on the show are constantly looking for that spark that will make them like someone enough to get a second date. It’s about building lasting bonds and continually working on social skills so they can better understand how to be good partners.

Marriage or Mortgage (2021 – ) Available on Netflix

Marriage or mortgage

Marriage Or Mortgage is a reality TV series where nice couples have to decide whether or not they want their dream wedding or their dream house. A wedding planner and a real estate agent try to persuade these couples to invest in their future in very different ways.

fans of The ultimatum are bound to take advantage of it, as these are couples who are making a huge commitment that will affect their future together. Although it’s less dramatic, it’s still a fun show to watch about couples who aren’t quite sure what they want yet.

Back with the Ex (2018) available on Netflix

Back with the ex couple sitting on the couch

This Netflix reality show is about couples who were previously together, reuniting with their exes to see if things might work out this time around. Back with the ex just gives people a chance to try to make up for their mistakes with people they think might be the ones that got away.

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This series tests the strength of these couples and helps them see, through this experience, if they are really made for each other. While other things may have distracted them from their relationship in the past, this is their chance to prove that this is who they want to be with.

Twenty Somethings: Austin (2021) available on Netflix

Isha wears a sleeveless red turtleneck in Twentysomethings: Austin

In Twenty Something: Austin, eight 20-year-olds live together and help each other trying to figure out who they are and find some love when they can. It is for young adults to learn to live alone.

There’s a bit of romance, but it’s also about people trying to figure out what they want out of life. It’s about managing the ups and downs, which the teammates of The ultimatum know a lot.

Dating (2019 – ) Available on Netflix

Dating Around dates talk about their lives

Meetings around is about a single person who has to go on five blind dates and choose, at the end of the episode, who is worthy of a second date. It gives singles the opportunity to meet people who are not part of the dating app circuit and make real connections.

This series is all about commitment and finding that special someone who is willing to give a relationship a shot. Although singles show up on their own, they have the rare chance of finding the one outside of normal dating circumstances.

Too Hot to Handle (2020 – ) Available on Netflix

Too Hot To Handle Season 3

Too hot to handle, which is one of the funniest reality shows, brings together a group of serial daters and forces them to establish real non-sex related relationships by reducing their prize pool each time they kiss another person without knowing them better.

This show is about letting go of the physical and trying to understand what each person wants emotionally and intellectually from their partner, which is a very similar theme to The ultimatum. They need to learn what a real relationship entails and how commitments are kept.

Love is Blind (2020 – ) Available on Netflix

Shayne and Natalie at their wedding on Love Is Blind

Love is blind is one of the best romance reality shows on Netflix right now. It’s the most like The ultimatum: get married or move on because it’s about people dating and forming couples. The catch is that they do all of this without ever seeing their partner in person until they propose.

There’s a ton of jealousy and drama to this show that makes it so fun to watch, and because all the couples have dated, it feels a lot like The ultimatum. Not to mention that this series shares the same hosts, Nick and Vanessa Lachey.

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